Online Classroom System

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Virtual School

You will agree with me that our educational system has changed as a result of the global pandemic, Increase in the number of COVID-19 cases and extension of lockdown days has now pointed to the fact that schools are not physically resuming anytime soon. According to Nature Public Health Emergency Collection-PMC7167396, “The most important adjustment, for those used to teaching in classrooms in real time, is to take advantage of asynchronous learning. For most aspects of learning and teaching, the participants do not have to communicate simultaneously. Asynchronous working gives teachers flexibility in preparing learning materials and enables students to juggle the demands of home and study. Asynchronous learning works best in digital formats. Teachers do not need to deliver material at a fixed time: it can be posted online for on-demand access and students can engage with it using wikis, blogs, and e-mail to suit their schedules. Teachers can check on student participation periodically and make online appointments for students with particular needs or questions. Creating an asynchronous digital classroom gives teachers and students more room to breathe”.

More Info

Here are some benefits of the online classroom solution

  1. The online classroom has a whiteboard that will allow teachers to pen down their notes, Draw signs and make illustrations like a regular classroom
  2. The online classroom can accommodate up to 30 – 3000 students from different classes running concurrently
  3. Student can participate and ask questions using the enabled video and voice function
  4. Student can respond to question by writing on the whiteboard for the entire class to see
  5. Teachers can set tests and quizzes for students to respond.
  6. The solution is affordable and open for negotiation depending on the number of classes
  7. The solution can be easily installed in a school existing school website or tech infrastructure system. We have a couple of schools already using it to teach students and their feedback has been very impressive so far.